Celebrating Our 21st Anniversary

This business journey started in 1999 when my wife and I started making Glycerine Soap in our home and hitting the Craft Show circuit selling our homemade soap. The next logical step was to pair up our soap with candles. We first saw Gel Candles at a show we were doing and it was just an instant “We need to make these” moment. Soap and Candles....a great combination. We started by buying one #400 drum of gel from Penreco in Los Angeles (just a 20 minute drive) and we were on our way to candle making. We were pioneers in the Gel Embed (Glass and Porcelain) industry, importing Gel Embeds from around the world. The nice people at Penreco were amazed that were doing all of this out of our home. We would show up in our van, load a drum into the van, get home and push it out of the back of the van and let roll to the garage. At some point Penreco wanted us to be a distributor for their product and they put put us on their web site and recommended us to customers. At some point were were buying 10 drums (#4000) at a time and business was great. Then the Gel Candle “crash” as I called it, happened and we started to dabble in making Fake Food. First just fake fruits and veggies for candles then my 1st big order came in from the people that make Glad Wrap. They ordered 1 wax T-Bone Steak from me and they loved them. Unfortunately they wanted 2700 of them within weeks and of course I had to pass on that order. They did order from me later on. Then...my 1st movie Prop. I did the Turkey for Marley & Me, then props for A Million Ways To Die In The West and a few other movies. From then on I have expanded my line of Fake Food products from Fruits, to Turkey’s, Turkey Legs, Steak Dinner’s etc. To many to list here. It’s been a long and enjoyable journey and we have some of the best customers any business could ask for. I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon!